Liban Sheikh

A choice for a more Equal and Sustainable society


My work focuses on increasing equality and social justice. I believe removing inequalities and curbing climate change go hand in hand, and one cannot be achieved without the other. We have a long way to go before true equality is achieved in Finland.

Concrete policies for a more anti-racist, feminist and inclusive society are urgently needed. I aim for a fairer society, with universal and equal rights guaranteed for all. Reducing societal inequality forms the core of my politics.


I believe we can shape an economic policy that puts people first. I want our country to shift to a fair and supportive model of social welfare and labour rights. In addition to guaranteed livelihood, we need genuinely free education, and programmes that actively confront marginalisation.

My aim is to democratise economic and political power structures. This requires guaranteeing a suitable amount of work and a sufficient income for all. I strongly believe that social wellbeing, right to education and healthcare are fundamental rights.


We as a society need to shift to renewable energy production, plant-based food production, in order to achieve an emission-free Finland by the 2030s. Let us commit to giving a chance to lead a good life, free of environmental catastrophes, to future generations as well.

Green politics are crucial for our future. I aim for a more sustainable tomorrow. This involves creating systemic changes in how our society is constructed and run, and innovative efforts to stem and reverse the effects of climate change. The kind of long term sustainability we need to aim for will be impossible without concrete fiscal policies.